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Have you ever held your breath during a conversation, worried about bad breath? You're not alone. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a common problem that affects millions of Americans, and up to 80% of adults (whether they know it or not). 

While it can be embarrassing, the good news is that bad breath is treatable. Here at 1000 Smiles, our friendly and professional team can help you achieve fresh breath and a more confident smile.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Several factors can contribute to bad breath, but it all comes down to bacteria. Some of the most common culprits that contribute to this include:

Poor Oral Hygiene

Neglecting your teeth and gums can lead to plaque buildup, which causes bad breath. Regular brushing and flossing are essential.


Foods like garlic, onions, and coffee can contribute to bad breath. They leave a lingering odor that can be hard to shake.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is essential for cleaning your mouth. When your mouth is dry, bacteria can grow and cause bad breath.


Tobacco products not only stain your teeth but also cause bad breath. Quitting smoking can significantly improve your breath.

Medical Conditions

Health problems such as stroke, osteoporosis, infection of the bones, heart attacks, diabetes, pneumonia, and premature births are all linked to bad breath. It’s crucial to address these health issues with a professional.

People with bad breath can have shorter lifespans if they do not treat it since the bacteria responsible for bad breath can get into your bloodstream and contribute to or cause health issues. 

How Can 1000 Smiles Help with Bad Breath in Thousand Oaks, CA?

At 1000 Smiles, we offer a comprehensive approach to bad breath treatment in Thousand Oaks, CA. Our dentists will work with you to identify the cause of your bad breath and develop a treatment plan to address it. Here's how we can help:

‘The BIOS Protocol’

BIOS stands for Bio Immersion Oxidation System. This FDA-approved and patented treatment helps cure bad breath forever. This method can reverse the bad breath caused by bacteria under the gumline. It is a completely safe and natural treatment that is applied to the gumline. Available only through Dr. Greg Rubin, D.D.S.! 

When you apply the The BIOS Protocol to your gums, it serves not only to protect your gums against bacteria, but it attaches to the receptor sites in the gum tissue and is absorbed into your bloodstream. This is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your immune system to deliver a healthy dose of anti-oxidants to the parts of your body that need it most.

While the BIOS protocol is the recommended and most effective method for treating bad breath, here are some other, more mild solutions that may help.

  • Comprehensive Dental Exam: We'll perform a thorough examination of your mouth to identify any underlying dental problems that may be contributing to bad breath, such as gum disease or tooth decay.
  • Dental Cleaning: A professional dental cleaning can remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can harbor bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Lifestyle Advice: We can provide you with tips on how to improve your oral hygiene habits and make dietary changes that can help reduce bad breath.
  • Treatment for Underlying Conditions: If your bad breath is a symptom of an underlying medical condition, we can refer you to a specialist for further treatment.

Fresh Breath is Just an Appointment Away!

Don't let bad breath hold you back from living your life to the fullest in Thousand Oaks, CA. Schedule an appointment with 1000 Smiles today! Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy smile and fresh breath.

Haven't been brushing or flossing as regularly as you should? No worries! At 1000 Smiles, we offer a judgment-free environment. We're here to help you achieve optimal oral health in Thousand Oaks, CA.Take control of your oral health today!

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