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We provide orthodontics that can be used to keep your smile moving in the right direction. If you do not like your appearance due to crooked teeth, gaps between them, or a misaligned jaw, we can help. There is a variety of treatment solutions that can improve your smile, and by examining your teeth and taking X-rays, we can make a suggestion as to what your best options are.

Whether you choose to straighten your teeth using metal braces or clear aligners, they work using a similar concept. Pressure is applied to your teeth to move them slowly from crooked to straight. This needs to be done gradually and in a set pattern so as not to damage your teeth or cause any additional issues. Simultaneously, we are aware that most of our patients want their teeth to move as quickly as possible. This is why we recommend you carefully follow our instructions to prevent any unnecessary delays, including:

Keeping up with your dental appointments

We will need to examine the patient on a regular basis to ensure the teeth are moving correctly. If any adjustments are necessary, we can do so. However, we need to catch the issue right away so the patient can finish the orthodontics treatment on schedule.

Avoid chewing on ice or pencils

If an item is not food, do not bite down on it. While this seems fairly simple, people often eat things like ice anyway. The problem is that ice and pencils can damage the teeth by cracking them, chipping them, or causing the enamel to erode. Stay away from them and anything else on our “do not eat list,” so the teeth can remain healthy and intact. 1000 Smiles Dental Group will provide a detailed list to review at home.

Wear a mouthguard

If one damages a tooth or knocks a tooth out, it will require medical attention, which can delay a treatment plan. It is far easier for one to wear a mouthguard while playing or practicing sports so the teeth can remain intact without any further problems.

Oral hygiene is a priority

When wearing braces or aligners, oral hygiene needs to be a top priority The patient needs to brush and floss after eating, every time. If the patient wears metal braces, food can become stuck around the brackets and under the wires. If the patient wears clear aligners and does not brush, the same food and bacteria can get stuck between the teeth and the surface of the aligners. These habits can increase the risk of getting cavities or infections. Both of these would require further medical care and potentially prolong the total treatment time.

As an orthodontics provider, we want to work with you to make the process of straightening your teeth as smooth as possible. We can help you to have a beautiful smile but need your assistance and input by taking care of your teeth and orthodontics. For more information or suggestions, call and schedule an appointment.

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